Learn To DJ Fast FAQ

How often will I get emails?
Every 3 to 8 days. Not too often. Just enough to keep you in the loop of the DJ industry!

Will you sell my email address?
No. Please see our privacy policy for more details. We will never rent, sell or spam your email.

Will you spam me?
No. We will not send you junk. Only quality content that is relevant to helping advance your DJing.

Why are you offering all of this great content for free?
To give back to the community that gave me so much. A number of Djs took the time to mentor me and teach me about the industry. Now that I have reached a high level in the DJ world, its now my turn to teach others.

How long have you been djing for?
9 years

How long have you been helping DJs for?
5 years

How did you get to know so many influential DJs?
Success attracts success. I have been very fortunate to have played with and spoken on panels with some of the biggest artists in the Dance Music world. These guys all know each other from playing festivals together and listening to each others music so once you know a few, you are in an elite circle of Djs.

Where was your first gig?
A house party in my home town of North Vancouver. A buddy was having some friends over and I played all night in this cramped DJ booth in his dark basement.

How did you get started in DJing?
I saw a show on TV here in Canada called Electric Circurs that used to air on our music station. They basically set up a fake little rave in their TV studio and played commercial house music.
At the time I was listening to gangster rap (we all went through that phase…) but I didn’t really identify it since I was from an upper middle class family descending from Ireland. I instantly fell in love with house music because it was fun and happy.
They played songs like “must sounds better with you” by Stardust and “Lady” by Mojo. The dancers on the show all looked so happy and pretty dancing to it these songs.
So I started listing searching for Dance music which lead me to find artists like Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Dj Dan, and Bad Boy Bill. Naturally I started making CDs for my friends. They were loving the music that I was giving them and so they said “Dude…if you’re going to make CDs why don’t you just become a DJ?”.
I dwelled on being a DJ for a day or two at which point I just happened to stumble onto an old friend that I knew from a elementary school. He had become a DJ and he invited me over to learn.
I instantly borrowed any money I could to purchase my decks and an instructional DVD program and started practicing. From there the rest is history.

Does LearnToDjFast.com have a money back guarentee?
We have a 100% Money Back Guarentee. If you try and apply any products you choose to buy from us and you do not get the results you want, we will give back any penny you spent!

How do I cancel my membership?
Easy! Just call our toll free number and we'll be glad to cancel it: 1 (800) 260-4702