About LearnToDjFast.com

LearnToDjFast.com was founded in in early 2004. 

It started small. Sean was having great success with his DJing and his businesses as well. Sean and his businesses have been featured in the following properties:

Sean has always been extremely approachable so aspiring DJs have always looked to him for advice. A lot of aspiring DJs were frustrated because they wanted to learn to DJ but didn’t know how. They didn’t know what DJ Equipment to buy (turntables, mixers, software, headphones) or what a DJ does to mix.

Others were very good at DJing but couldn’t figure out how to get gigs DJing the clubs they wanted to play at.
Others had questions about getting their productions signed to record labels.

Since he started helping aspiring DJs, Sean has answered a whole range of questions and has advised djs on to become pro full time rockstar DJs.

Last year Sean didn’t know what to do.  He was getting bombarded by emails asking for advice. He didn’t have time to respond to them all. He wanted to give back to the DJ community that gave him so much but it was becoming a full time job responding to the emails. He even had people offering him money for his advice!

To make the best use of his time, while still helping out as many DJs as possible, Sean set up the Pro Dj Secrets Email Course. Aspiring DJs submit their email addresses and every few days Sean will email them links to videos and audio clips that he has put together teaching Industry Secret professional Dj techniques that he learned from the biggest DJs in the world.

The Free email course was a huge success with thousands of DJs now subscribed and learning everything from basic mixing tips & techniques to step-by-step instructions on how a DJ can get big local and international gigs.

When he isn’t traveling the world and playing gigs, Sean produces Dance Music and also provides one-on-one coaching for a select number of dedicated aspiring DJs.

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